Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some advice and some mention of the Mafia

Last night at writers' group I looked up Shannon Hale's blog to see if there was any mention of "Writing For Charity" for 2011.  I really want to go, since I have/will miss(ed) all the other local and semi local conferences this year.

What I did find was a little piece of advice.  Find it here.  Read down to the advice.  I thought it was interesting.

Her mention of the mafia made me giggle.  Especially removing of the fedora.  I hang out with people who frequently threaten the use of zombies or ninjas to accomplish their needs (for example, any who failed to attend writers' group would have ninjas sicked on them--watch out Linda).  I am not in the regular habit of talking of ninjas or zombies, but I am guilty by association.  However last night as I was described to a guest that I am rainbows and flowers, I was a bit offended.  I'm not that weak.  Come on! 

So, what nefarious deeds have you done in the last time/space continuum?


  1. Appologies for my rambling thoughts. ;)

  2. I deserve to have the ninjas let loose on me. So sad to miss the meeting, but one of those days where I wouldn't have had the strength to fight back the ninja's assault if I did have to face them.

    Although I have not done any nefarious deeds this week, I have certainly considered several...

  3. I like to troll around the Internet and insult NYT best-selling authors for my own amusement. I'm part of an underground that exists for the sole purpose of firing sharp needles of hate into their overgrown hot-air balloon egos.

    Yes. That is correct. I am in the YA Spanish Inquisition.

  4. What nefarious deeds have I done? Well now, I can't go sharing those kinds of secrets, can I?

  5. Nefarious, you say? Hmmm. Fewer nefarious deeds than one might think. (Loved the post.)

    BTW rainbows and flowers are neither weak nor should they offend. Rainbows are mysterious powerful mojo. Flowers are the hope of every spring and the miracle of every winter snowcap.

    I have felt that same mocking phrase of "Oh she can't handle this or that." The truth is that some dark places shouldn't be explored. (I know I've been in a few that I really wish I hadn't had the curiosity to explore or trip into.)

    The diversity of taste in our group is one of our great strengths. I for one am glad that you like happily ever after, DJ. I love your new horror story too.
    I am excited to see that none of us really fit comfortably in a box when it comes to what we write.