Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Missing In Action

I know you all are wondering where your fabulous Inkers have disappeared.  Its been several days with no new post.  So, I will take it upon myself to fill you in.

Debbie just finished her WIP and is onto the editing stage.

{Can I just get a shout out to Deb, she did it!  WooHoo!!}

Arlene is trying to excavate a mountain of boxes while still maintaining the family routine.  I don't envy her, but can't wait to visit her new digs.

Sir Kirk-A-Lot is buried between a Hungarian tome, his story (which he is ON FIRE with), and a new video game.

Donna is plugging away and making good progress on her WIP and juggling the spring season at her job.

Linda is mysterious as always, but she never misses a post.  How close are you to being done, Linda?

As for me, I'm trying to decide if I have a stomach ache or if I did too many crunches.  If it goes away with the Motrin, then its the workout.  (And I'm trying to figure out how a cactus pod can have an adventure.)

We are all trying to write at least 200 words a day until our next writers' group (Tuesday).  Although, I think Debbie may be exempt from that--she just needs to keep editing.

So, dear reader, where have you been?


  1. Yay for Debbie. So exciting!

    Yes, I am going about my mysterious business. But, as far as writing goes, I'm still about 20k words away from my finale, trying to get back on a daily schedule.

  2. Way to motor along, y'alls! I was curious about the absent streak but it's cool that you've all been so productive. Excited to read Debbie's :-)

  3. I'm excited to read Graham's new and improved novel (that I will buy from my local bookstore when it's ready).

    Next time we have an MIA post, we need to play some "Mission Impossible" theme in the background.

  4. I totally wanted to add a pic from Mission Impossible... but I didn't.

  5. I thought I'd spend spring break on my WIP, but my son called--please come to Charleston for the Spring Time. Off to go sailing. :)