Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Gaga Challenge

Hubby and I are headed downtown today (SLC that is) for dinner, the Lady Gaga concert, and - wait for overnight stay at a hotel that is neither a Best Western nor Holiday Inn. It's the first time in six years we have been away sans enfants, and I am beyond excited.

Although I will be out of work mode, I always try to be in writer mode when it comes to observing the folks around me, and I would wager there will be some very interesting people at the Gaga concert. I'm hoping it will inspire a scene in my current WIP or maybe even a premise for a new story.

So, I'd like to put out a challenge to everyone to make a point to closely observe those around you this week and put in the comments here a brief description of someone you encounter.

I will add mine after I return from my weekend escape.


  1. Awesome challenge. I will totally take it.

  2. Last night I went into a public restroom to find...wait for it...

    A lady with her toilet trained dog. Literally, holding her dog over the toilet to do its business. I just hope it was a girl dog at least. I'd hate to think her dog treated the bathrooms as unisex.

  3. I totally found some interesting people at the Real Soccer game, one very pale teen with yellow hair whose appearance screamed undead. Then this weekend Arlene and I met Piper Bob, a bearded American Scots man down on his luck who chose to take to the streets with his bagpipes rather than bemoaning losing his day job. He was bright and entertaining and he's going to Scotland this summer to become famous. I had to admire his spunky way of facing adversity.

  4. @Deb--it's too much! You do realize that, all of us liking to write and all, we just got a visual that will be branded in our brains forever, right?

  5. Don't tell her that! Zombies think branded brains taste better.

  6. Are you saying that Debbie is a zombie?

  7. My inlaws took us to see Marvin Hamlisch last night. At intermission, we saw an older lady with a tiny feather hat bobby pinned to her forehead. Because of her gray bun, the hat didn't fit on her head, so she wore it above her left eye. It was the goofiest looking thing in the theater and to make matters worse . . . she's my husband's aunt. :o

    Okay, I'm now an official follower, DJ. I'd love it if you'd return the favor since us aspiring authors must build our blogs.


  8. Well I saw many interesting things at the Gaga concert, including more exposed butt cheeks than I have seen in a long time.

    Some people that stand out:

    Three guys dressed in Gagaesque drag with extra big bouffant hairdos who had people coming up to them in a steady stream before the show started to have pictures taken with them.

    An average looking couple with their 5-ish year old daughter (dressed up as a princess), acting like they were taking her to Disney, as the aforementioned butt cheeks, not to mention barely covered lady parts, were strutting around.

    The lady who looked to be in her late 60's, wearing a sweatshirt and mom jeans, who was standing behind us as we waited at the door to get in. When I looked back at her, she had the most sublime smile on her face. It proved to me it's not always the flashy characters who make the strongest impression.

  9. BTW Joyce, look out, I'm following you.