Monday, March 28, 2011

Time to get in the Game

I have a feeling that many of you fabulous friends are in the warm up area perfecting your pitching. Just remember that you have until 5 pm on Thursday to get in the game!

Go HERE to throw us a fast ball, curve ball, or cotton ball. We look forward to them all.
It is so fun to see what everyone is working on. For those who may fear too much exposure for your story, I just want to say, 'fear not' this elevator pitch should be the line you give everyone who asks what you're writing.

Here is a little scenario:
Let's say two fabulous aspiring authors are at a conference. Writer 1 (aka Bard) and Writer 2 (aka Mouse) run smack into a New York editor (aka Thor). Thor benevolently grants them each 20 seconds of his precious time to tell him what they are working on.

Mouse: "Squee! I'm working on a history of spark plugs. (Forgets to mention that in the story the spark plugs have become self actualized and taken over the planet.)
Thor: So it's non-fiction how nice.

Bard: "In my YA urban fantasy, Cassie is kidnapped by demonic zombie nuns and imprisoned in the catacombs of Rome."
Thor: "I've been looking for a good zombie nun story. Go ahead and send it over and put the conference in the subject line."

Practice makes perfect. Go ahead and Pitch it to us!


  1. I think pitching cotton balls could be a lot of fun... But I'll make an attempt at pitching my novel instead. Thursday's not that far off. I'll need a lot of luck!

  2. Oh my gosh, Donna! You just cracked me up. :)

    Good luck, Nisa!

  3. I must admit the word of the immortal character "Maverick" a la Tom Cruise in Top Gun do come to mind this morning, "I crack myself up."

    Best of luck to everyone. We've got some great pitches already. Can't wait to read all the rest from the golden penners!!

  4. Bwahaha! Yep. That totally happened to me last night.

    Except it wasn't a NY agent, it was a book blogger.

    And it wasn't a spark-plug-infected planet I was telling her about, it was my current querying baby.

    I should be able to talk about the book I'm already querying, right?

    And yet I opened and closed my mouth like a fish and then spurted out words that were pretty much as helpful as fish water.

    So gotta work on my speal, man!

  5. Ali, just make sure you work on your speal and leave your spleen alone. (You are lucky you don't have ninja friends threatening your's like I do.)