Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Posting time!

Last week I shared the sad news that I had to give up one of my dogs. This week I'm going to tell you why I'm glad I did. AND I'll tell you why it has been good for my writing.

I've had the chance to work exclusively with my dog, Scout, and see him go from pulling me around on his leash to healing next to me without using a leash at all. Amazing! In just a few days! And the best part is that he's happy to comply. I don't have to bribe him with treats. He's happy if I give him big hugs and tell him what a good boy he is mysense of satisfaction working with him has increased exponentially.

The last part is what I want to focus on in regard to writing. This strictly my opinion, but I think sometimes we get stuck on an idea or character or scene that we like, or even LOVE, but it's not working. We put a lot of effort into these ideas to the point that we feel like we're beating our heads against a wall, but the thing we haven't realized is that it's time to cut ties. No matter how much we love it, if we're wasting precious time and energy on it and it's not going anywhere then it's time to let it go, cut it, put it to the side or whatever it is we need to do and work on something that IS going somewhere. Not unlike Scout and Rusty. Scout's potential was overshadowed by Rusty's constant time-sucking-going-nowhere needs. I love Rusty and I miss him, but my relationship with Scout is so much more fulfilling now. It's going somewhere useful.

Our stories should have a similar progression from point to point. If there's no progression it's time to figure out why and make the tough edits.



  1. Good analogy Arlene. It can be a tough thing to abandon a writing project you've invested so much time and energy into, but we learn lessons from every experience, and hopefully are better for the practice. Glad things are going well with Scout. :)

  2. I get the analogy. I'm so happy that you are loving working with Scout and seeing him grow and I'm still sad about Rusty. I miss him too. Apparently, I'm not that good at moving on. Or maybe I'm just bitter cause Scout ate an entire loaf of bread off my counter this week.