Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's A Writers Group For, Anyway?

Sometimes I think, why am I here?  Why do I keep pretending that I am a writer?  Then my awesome writers group comes through.

This is excerpts from an email chain earlier this week:

me: Can I just say that I am totally bored.  No its not cause I don't have a million things to do, its just that I have no group/project/organization that is in need of my mad dog brain skills.  Why can't I apply my genius to my home?  Not sure.  But I am going totally agro on scout committee just cause its the only thing I am involved in.  ;(  I am having a boring summer.  Kinda. :)

Linda: Apply your genius to the haunted house story cause I want to read it.  :)

Kirk: Yes, or write one of those nature children's stories that you seem to have a knack for! You could whip one out in a couple hours, and we could review it next writers group. . . So get busy writing, DJ! Put those mad brain skills to work!

a few hours later:
me: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  I just outlined a ... book with ...  Thanks for the challenge and getting my brain working!

So, in a few hours I had outlines, written the rough draft, and discovered a whole niche of writing that suits my skills perfectly.  All because I am in a writers group.

So, go to and find yourself a writers group!


  1. Excited to see the product of your labor DJ. Our group is awesome. :)

  2. Inspiration is only one of our many purposes. We're also together for a little hard core truth, moral support, accountability and goal setting, brainstorming, editing, and eating sushi. A writer's group is good for so many things. Love the Inkers. Can't tell you all enough.