Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Promise Is A Promise

So last night we all met over sushi. (I literally ate myself sick--terrible thing to do with good sushi.)

We all promised that we would be better about posting on this here bloggy. 

So, here I am posting.

Promise kept.


  1. I don't remember promising to be better at blog posting. Where'd I miss that? :)

  2. That was a LOT of sushi. Is is possible to be sushi-drunk?

  3. Yes, Linda. We like to call it "happy sushi" time when the giggling begins shortly after too much sushi in take.

    I think we all promised to post more of our writing for critique and somewhere in there we decided that we would work hard to keep the posting up on the blog as well. So that we don't get so caught up with emails that our blog friends don't hear from us. So we sorta did say we'd post more. I'm just sayin...