Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rabid Watermelon story prompt

True life tale: I walked into my kitchen on Sunday to find the watermelon that my friend had purchased on Friday looking almost exactly like this one. Rabid and foaming. I then of course did what any good mother with small children would do. I took it outside to cut it and find out why it was foaming. Bugs? Chemicals? Paranormal activity? What could it be? Well when I barely sliced the thin outer layer of the melon it exploded into two equal halves of sizzling mess, spraying myself and my daughter with rancid juices.

Only three images of foaming watermelons appeared on the Internet and this one is from 2006. Freaky huh?

Story prompt: Foaming watermelon...why? How? So what?


  1. It's obviously been bitten by a rabid fruit bat. Other symptoms include green skin and lethargy.

  2. Lethargy is definately a sympton. I've never seen a more lethargic watermelon. =)

  3. Easy. You ready for this?


    Where's my million?

  4. It's an attempt by aliens to take over the world. One watermelon at a time.