Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bad Naked

I fully intended to blog about how I got an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) for The Maze Runner today, BUT then I went to lunch.
What does lunch have to do with 'Bad Naked' and what happened to Maze Runner? Good question. This is what happens when I don't write my post before the deadline. Life happens and I get completely distracted.
Before I answer that question I have one more interjection to make in this post. Tristi Pinkston, author extraordinaire, graced us with her presence last night at dinner with our group. She was fabulous and so friendly. Braving the long drive to Eagle Mountain UT, construction barring her path, Tristi made it to dinner and shared a lot of laughs and a few pearls of wisdom over 'Slammin Salmon Tacos' and chocolate cake. She shared some of her publishing experiences and also advised us all that we will "end up where we are supposed to be." Meaning that when we find the right publisher we will feel it and destiny will have played her part.
OKAY, now back to our regularly scheduled post and an explanation of 'Bad Naked.' (Can't seem to write those words without capitalizing them.) Any-hoo, I went to lunch with Diva Lizz and the Scarlet Tart today and we were having a blast at the Citrus Grill in SLC. (Check it out if you get a chance.) Then somehow we got talking about naked karate...don't ask. ST quoted Seinfeld and said there is good naked and bad naked and karate would be B-A-D naked. Now since this is a family friendly post we won't go into what constitutes good naked, but here are some advisories for Bad Naked:
Sunbathing in the Sahara...think about it.
Fixing bikes.
And those really disturbing dreams where you meet a NY Times Bestselling author and then realize you forgot to get dressed.
Speaking of NY Times bestselling authors though...
It just so happens that I got an ARC for James Dashner's The Maze Runner from one of the newest YA bestsellers, who will be confiscating it as soon as she realizes that I took it. No really. Aprilynne Pike, aka sticky fingers, happened to obtain an extra ARC at BEA and since I had the fantastic fortune of running into her at JFK (thankfully not a dream and everyone was fully apparelled.) She shared the story of how she obtained it and I begged and pleaded to get a peek at it. She graciously loaned (yes, sadly I must return it promptly) me the extra copy and my Inking Cap friends and I have been completely enjoying it. I am a little over half way through it, having just gotten to it after some others read it first...grrr. AND all I can say is, "So far it's AWESOME" to use one of Dashner's favorite words. I would say it's 'shiny.' I'm loving it.


  1. I didn't realize there was a bad naked. And sunbathing in the Sahara would be the bomb. (At least until a pack of Bedouin happened to ride by...)

  2. Of course there's a "Bad Naked". Might I mention that some of these bad naked activities might include, but are not limited to: tree climbing; wood chopping; vegetable peeling (you know how those peels can stick); ice blocking; and shopping at WalMart.

  3. Ha! Ice blocking wins. I might add to that wrestling in a pit filled with cayenne pepper.

  4. What does that have to do with 'bad naked'? Lol.

  5. I think the shopping would be worse at Smith's. Narrower aisles and all...

  6. Thanks for the visual, Blush.

    GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!