Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Writing Conferences and Making Time For Writing

It's a nice idea to write a book, but the time it takes makes it a huge commitment. Carving out that time is a big deal to me. It means sacrificing time that could otherwise be spent with  my family. For example, in the process of writing this post I've: Put Grace down for a nap, broken up two fights, put Josh in a time out, cleaned up a mess in my mom's kitchen and told the kids to quiet down at least a dozen times. I should probably be out there with my kids instead of in here blogging. 

Which brings me to my next point. Prioritizing. I like writing, but it's probably not the most important thing I will ever do with myself. My family sits in first place on that list, which means that there are times when I want to write, but I have to do family stuff instead. (That might be where a lot of my angst comes from). I'm not good at using my time wisely, but with each writing conference I attend, I learn little tricks and gain inspiration from cool people who are making it happen.

For example, at CONduit Graham told me a handy little trick he has with 3x5 cards that he uses for outlining that I am fully going to use.

Bottom line, I write when I can and sometimes when I shouldn't.

What about you guys? What works and doesn't work? How do you prioritize?



  1. That novel I haven't written? Yeah, that's how my prioritizing goes. It's hard when things like HOME and FAMILY get in the way of my future career as a best selling novelist:) Oh well, one day...one day.

  2. I cite the above comment and the original post as the two biggest reasons why I'm okay with not being married. Doesn't mean I wanted it to happen this way, just that I'm making the most of it in the meantime :-)

    As for prioritizing, well, you two do have your priorities straight: home and family. Then Church callings, then writing. What do you do with a priority that ranks third or fourth on your list? Easy: after you're done taking care of 1 and 2, you stay up an hour every night or get up an hour early every day, turn off your phone, lock yourself at the desk/computer/typewriter/etc, and crank it out. That is your invincible time. Phone calls are not priority compared to writing!

    And yes, unless you absolutely know yourself well enough to be a "discovery writer", OUTLINE, OUTLINE AND OUTLINE!!!! Not an option! :-D

  3. hmmm

    My priorities lately have been "feeling sorry for myself" "You can conquer this" and not much room for anything else. But I am loving writing. . .

  4. Writing is very theraputic. I have set aside the time I should be exercising to write because I am unwilling to give up sleep. Thus, I will continue to keep the baby weight from my first child four years ago, but hope to give birth to a novel.

    Tart, obviously family comes first, but you have to have some "me" time in the day to stay sane. Even if you only write for 15 mins., you're making progress.

  5. Ok, I spelled therapeutic wrong. Am I fired?