Monday, June 8, 2009


I spent all day Wednesday reading, quite literally, from waking until I finished the book I had started. What, you may ask, caught and held my interest so fully? I got my hands on an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) of The Maze Runner, by James Dashner. If you want to know how I obtained an ARC, and how you might be able to get one (or NOT), come back Thursday to read Donna's post.

Anyway, The Maze Runner...

Those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or a fear of mazes (this is not an actual named phobia yet... any suggestions?) should read this book with caution. They may have an increased risk for excitability while reading.

This book moves. Not in a physical, levitation kind of way, but the story, action and mystery propel the reader forward, urging one to keep reading. In a market of formula books with cookie cutter plots, The Maze Runner breaks the mold and offers something surprisingly new. It's a fast-paced book that makes you think, keeps you guessing, and leaves you wanting more. While my descriptions might seem cliche, this book is anything but.

I enjoyed the book immensely. From the unusual setting, to the unraveling puzzles, I was captivated. James Dashner has created something different, and different is good.

I have two suggestions. 1: buy The Maze Runner on October 6; 2. Make sure to clear your schedule because you won't be able to put it down.


  1. If one of the symptoms of Mazerophobia is shortness of breath and a small nervous tick when entering a corn maze, then I think I could be in trouble. Is there a cure? Like perhaps if I burned a corn maze to the ground, I could be free of this malady forever?

    Or maybe if I read the book, I'll be cured.

  2. Wow, that was so quick! It didn't take me long to catch up in this blog. (I commented just a while before on the first post.)

    I'm jealous of you guys who have already read Maze Runner. Isn't it not supposed to come out for another couple months? Why are you the lucky ones to get ARCs and leave the rest of us in the dark?

    But I'm just being playfully envious of you guys. I'm not really pouty and sulky or anything. I'll get to read Maze Runner in my own time, and I'm sure I'll love it.

    I think I'll follow this blog now. ^,^

  3. Thanks for the teaser, Deb, and the awesome review of Maze Runner. I'll tell Magenta and all the other Duders about how fate dropped an ARC in our laps on Thursday. Stay tuned.

  4. Hooray! We have followers! Nice to have you hanging with us, Magenta. :)We'll do our best to keep you entertained...or whatever.

  5. Maze Runner was a total kick in the pants. I was up until super late reading it last night. It's been a long time since I killed an entire book in one sitting, but this one held my attention :-)

  6. Kirk, you're just nervous about the chain saw weilding madman inside the corn maze. That's a different phobia altogether.

    Magenta, welcome! Let's hope your phobia's are shareable and provide writing fodder :)

  7. Can I get in the line to borrow the copy? I'd like to put it on my reading list after The Hourglass Door and Austenland.