Saturday, June 27, 2009

Middle Ages

We're still in California enjoying sun, fun, and family. We also got a glimpse of the Michael Jackson hysteria on Hollywood Blvd. yesterday. Interesting...

One of our outings was to a kids' discovery museum in Palm Springs. My husband and I and our two little ones (ages 4 and 6 months) went with my best friend from California, Denise, and her four year old daughter.

As we approached the museum entrance, strollers and kid gear in tow, an elderly gentleman greeted us by saying, "Oh, it looks like the grandparents are taking the grandkids out today!" Now, granted I turned 40 this year, but nothing will take the bounce out of your step faster than being called the grandparent of your own children!

Denise, who is 44, reacted the fastest by immediately setting the gentleman straight and telling him the rugrats were, in fact, our own offspring. This sent me into a fit of giggles and Brent enjoyed a good laugh.

Now, this has happened to Brent and I once before, but it was in Utah where families are traditionally younger and it didn't shock us as much as hearing it in Cali. Also, Brent's hair has been gray since his 20s, so he is often mistaken for older than he is (notice how I blame it on him).

In any case, I've frozen the image of the elderly gentleman who assaulted us into my memory so I can base a character on him for a future project. He'll likely be either a villain or a total doofus - TBD. ;)


  1. Reminds me of when I was kid. I went to the store with my dad and a guy at the counter asked me if I was having a nice time with my grandpa. Talk about embarrassed! I could feel my ears turn red as I corrected him. Awkwardly.

  2. LOL. That is definitely one story to tuck away for inspiration on either a character who needs a really exasperating experience in the middle of everything else she's going through OR for a doofus character...gotta love good fodder.

  3. That is hysterical.

    Speaking of fodder . . . had a great time with family :)