Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

When I first contemplated writing stories I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to come up with new ideas. It almost stopped me from trying my hand at this art. Fear is too powerful in my life sometimes.

However, now that the ideas are coming, they are coming too fast. I have tons of ideas for great stories: an awesome children’s series, gripping suspense stories (my writers group knows what a chicken I am and Kirk mentioned once that I could probably write a pretty freaky thriller . . .), a sweeping epic, several cool YA’s, and a hilarious non-fiction.

Just yesterday I thought up a great story idea as I drove past the prison. I won’t be sharing it with you…I read once in a book for writers that once you share your idea your passion for it leaves. You shouldn’t share it with others until it’s on paper and your passion is spent. I don’t know if I fully believe that or not. However, the point is that I got all excited about the idea. I remember another author saying that everyone loves the idea stage and beginnings are sexy. I guess I’m just caught up in the sexy stage. (Maybe it’s a sign,)

Yet, I suffer from serious writer’s block or maybe it’s the utter inability to finish what I’ve started. My father always told me to finish what I start. I’ve heard it a million times, and yet I still don’t finish. Even my husband bugs me. I always leave a little bite on my plate at the end of the meal. He is of the clean-plate persuasion and he is greatly disturbed by my inability to take that last bite. Now mind you, it’s not that I am full, it is that I will not clean my plate. There is always a crust of bread, or an end of vegetable. Some little fragment left there waiting.

Maybe my writing is like that with a lot of fragments hanging about my computer as little gems of ideas. Waiting for me to conquer my first project and move onto them. They need their stories told as well…


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about talking about a concept. It's probably more personal. Like if you've got passion for your prison drive-by story, then definitely get it out--write some sample chapters or jot down ideas for your outline--but sometimes talking about a concept out loud can generate your personal excitement for it, and people can bounce other ideas off of you. It's probably a case-by-case writer thing as opposed to a blanket rule, but you're on the right track. Yeah?

  2. Rosie,
    I think you are definitely caught in the sexy stage of writing and I think its time for you to put on your goloshes and get in there to muck through the morning-after-the-idea when the work really starts. JK I know you have worked really hard on several of your fantastic ideas and I am priveledged to have read your stuff. It is always a pleasure. I look forward to when others will have a chance to explore the fun worlds you create.

  3. Graham, I agree with you on the case by case scenerio. Sometimes it is great to talk it out and hear what others think. For me, sometimes its great to talk and sometimes its fun to keep it all a secret.

    Donna, you are right. I better pull up those goloshes and start mucking.

    (I love the morning-after-the-idea, that is pure written beauty)

  4. This topic is problem for me. I usually blab and then I lose my mojo, which is why I'm not saying anything from now on.

  5. You and I suffer from the same syndrome. Maybe we should start a race or make a wager or something to see who could finish a project first without starting something else.

  6. That is a great challenge!!!! hmmm what should the wager be?

  7. I'd take some more of your fab chocolate chip cookies, but I don't know what I could offer in return. Do you like cheesecake?

  8. hmmmm, cheesecake. I love cheesecake. You're on!

  9. Ok, we need to state the name of the project and agree to not start anything else until its finished. Mine is Funeral Procession