Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Extra...Extra...News of the week!!
Our group had dinner with Aprilynne Pike on Wednesday night and she was a delightful guest. I enjoyed her stories immensely and learned quite a few extremely useful tidbits about the publishing world. We missed Arlene, DJ and Linda, but Graham joined us which proved delightful. I'm sure that there will be other posts detailing the dinner so I won't put any spoilers here. Thanks Aprilynne for visiting with us.
Latest Update...
I finished I Am Not a Serial Killer (at 1 am!) While I will probably never be a fan of horror stories, I really am a fan of Dan's writing. His main character is provocative and his plot is intriguing and with the amazingly gross stuff in between there are also some rather witty lines. John Cleaver is creepy and likable at the same time. (Kind of like Dan Wells.) He swears the book is not autobiographical and I guess we have to take his word for it. The emotional tension at the end of the story is haunting and completely necessary to the plot. Well done, Dan.
Because I had not planned to read serial killer stories after dark, I also read Agent in Old Lace by Tristi Pinkston this week. Not reading about demons at night was a good plan right? Yeah, except that Tristi's book was so fun and so well paced that I read it all in one night. I just couldn't wait to see what would happen to poor Shannon Tanner and her 'Aunt Anita.' Okay, I also wanted to find out more about the yummy FBI agent, Rick Holden. Those of you who are looking for an intense thriller, suspense novel this is NOT it, but if you want characters who are fun to spend time with and a good bad guy to hate, then this is a good choice.
Now to avoid any nightmares of the Mr. Monster variety.
I'll need to grab Wings, by Aprilynne Pike as my nighttime distraction. Fairies I can handle in the wee hours. Demons should only be allowed out in the daylight.


  1. Love the reviews! Wish I could've been there for dinner. I miss out on all the good stuff!

  2. So Kirk is also only allowed out in the daylight now too cause he gives me nightmares as well...usually of the looming red pen variety.

    How's that nickname coming along there, Kirk? Any votes for the Red Baron?

  3. Sounds like fun -- sorry I missed it.

    Thanks for the book recommendations!