Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blech Friday

As is our tradition, my husband and I ventured out for Black Friday shopping yesterday. This year however, we did not rise early enough to be there when the stores opened at 5 AM because we did not want to tote baby around at that hour and, frankly there wasn't anything advertised that we felt was worthy of that effort.

So, we made it to Walmart around 9:30 AM and found most things very picked over (surprise, surprise). We bought a couple things there and headed to Target, where they were doing a 2-day sale instead of a limited Friday morning period.

It wasn't very crowded at either store, no elbowing, running and diving, or sliding necessary, which was nice and disappointing at the same time. Somehow the purchase is more thrilling when you know you beat someone else to it. Is that wrong?

I did have one moment of thrill when, after being disappointed to find The Office, season 4 no longer on the shelves, my husband found it in a discard basket.

The funny thing is, even though we're being quite frugal this year, we ended up with several things not on our list because they were so cheap. Now we have to try to match these things up to someone on our list. I'm not sure my Mom really wants to own a DVD of The Dark Knight.

This is why every year after Black Friday I always feel a little dirty, like the stores know my weaknesses and take advantage of me, luring me in with their promises of great deals on things I don't really need.


  1. It's not so bad though. I have yet to participate in Black Friday. As for shopping victoriously, that's what eBay is for :-) At least nobody died this year.

  2. I went, I saw, I got some bargains. The highlight of my Black Friday shopping was watching my friend get kicked out of Toys R Us holding all my bags. Yeah, I know who to go shopping with.

  3. How do you get kicked out of a store? I've never seen that happen. Ever. As for Black Friday, I let my husband do that. I took my kids for a hike instead. It was infinitely more fun than shopping, but then, as my husband points out, I'm not a typical girl.

  4. You get kicked out by simply standing next to a bench holding your friends purchases. Yes, that is all I did was stand next to a guy sitting on a bench with his packages. If they don't want you to hang out why is there a bench? And I might add the guy didn't get kicked out. I think I should sue for emotional distress. :)