Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Cookie. Bad Cookie.

I love fortune cookies, especially the ones that say things like, "Your dreams will come true within the year" and "Your natural talent will shine forth."

Then there are also the bad cookies. "Don't go on a trip next week." "An unexpected surprise in on its way to you." What are you a stalker? Depending on the day that last one can be good or bad in my mind, but most often an unexpected surprise comes in the form of flat tires and overdue bills.

Sometimes fortune smiles on us and sometimes it is someone else's turn.
Here's how I see it: Life isn't fair because if we all got what we deserved all the time the fabric of the universe would crumble under the pressure to stay perfectly even. AND we would never learn from our mistakes or triumph unexpectedly while others struggle on. Just imagine what would happen in the love department if life were fair. Sheesh, don't get me started on that menacing spiral.
For one thing, there would be no fairy tales at all because Beauty would have turned the Beast over to the police and Cinderella would still be sleeping by the fire.

I'm glad that life isn't fair. I'm just wishing it was a good cookie day more often.
Anyone else have a good cookie story?


  1. I wish you a very good cookie day, Donna!

    Sometimes, even when we get a really good cookie, there's a bad spot in it that we have to eat around. Such is life, eh?

  2. Steve recently got the fortune "About time I got out of that cookie".

    To which, someday I may be able to say "About time you took ME to a Chinese restaurant."

    I think that is the best fortune ever--sometimes it's just nice to get out of whatever cookie you're stuck in. :)

  3. DJ that is hilarious. We need more humor in the fortune cookies. Who cares what Confuscius said anyway. That was a long time ago.

    My last fortune cookie said "A long-term goal will be realized next year." I choose to believe that is a good omen for my novel.
    Always put the positive spin on those darn cookies.