Monday, November 2, 2009

Dress It Down

Halloween left me a little shocked. And appalled. That's right, shocked and appalled. I could not believe the array of, dare I say, skanky costumes walking the streets (pun intended) this year. Here are a few examples of what I saw.

A young, teenage girl in a batgirl costume. Super short, super tight and sleeveless. I figured if I, a married woman with kids, noticed her boobs, then certainly the boys she was with noticed them as well.

A sixth grader in slashed tights and shorts so short you could see her butt when she bent over. And the tights were slashed. Trust me, they didn't really cover anything.

A girl in a devil costume, red fishnet stockings, red spaghetti strap dress, low cut in front and slit to her unmentionable area. Very slinky and sexy. And, oh yeah, the girl was in SECOND GRADE!

I live in Utah. Although seasonably warm this Halloween, it's still too cold to wear things I'm used to seeing on the beach.

I know it's fun. I know for the most part, it's just kids being kids, an innocent break from the drag of normal clothes. But consider this. July is one of the highest birth months of the year, a mere nine months after October. Perhaps the dressing up, or lack thereof, isn't so innocent.


  1. Too true. I told my daughter just yesterday that couldn't wear tank tops around the house. Being at home isn't a licence to be immodest.

  2. True, Lene. At least with the exception of your sexy baker outfit. Grrrrr!

  3. Reminds of the year Joy and I dressed up as Adam and Eve... We got some weird looks that year.

  4. Yeah, you know, I can't stop wearing it even when its not Halloween.

  5. I saw a million sexy bat girls too and none of those girls could have been over 12. *sigh*

  6. I'm constantly amazed by how some parents allow their very young daughters to dress on a daily basis.

    If you want to be truly appalled, take a peek at a show on TLC called "Toddlers & Tiaras". I've only seen scenes from it on "The Soup", but it makes me want to punch the parents - HARD, everytime.

  7. Yeah, you want to ask the question, "Do these parents realize what they're doing to ruin their daughters' lives?" That's exactly what they're doing, after all. That road leads to so much misery.

  8. Linda, I've seen the same clips on "The Soup". The worst was a mom who wore a super short skirt asking her five year old daughter if her tampon string was showing.


    Double Ew!