Monday, November 9, 2009

Only Me

I often speak that phrase. Or am told, "Only you." Why is this? Perhaps the Karma Gods take vengeance on me in a series of small moments that add up to one big cosmic come-uppance. I'm not sure but here is one example. Those with a weak constitution may want to look away.

I'm in a restaurant. My kids have been sick, but in a shining afternoon we're all doing well and decide to go out. We have just started to enjoy the soup portion of our meal when I notice something. My baby, who is in his carseat, has had a diaper explosion, up his back, down the sides...parents of children know what I'm talking about. Non-parents, well, diaper explosion pretty much sums it up. I reach for my diaper bag only to find *gasp* I have no diaper wipes. No problem. In MacGyver-esque fashion I'm planning to clean him in the bathroom and fashion a new set of clothes out of paper towels and used cardboard dispensers.

But then I find out the really good news.

The water has been shut off in the restaurant. They are closed (but are allowing us to finish eating) because a water main broke. NO WATER, FOLKS!

I told this to fellow Inker Donna, and her response? "You are the only friend I have who would call with a story like that. Really, only you."

Thanks, Donna :)

Of course the diaper experience is added to my incredibly "only me" week with my uncelebrated birthday because of sick kids, being sick myself, having a crown put on my tooth (that had cracked for no apparent reason), and another experience where I went to the gas station, forgot my wallet, and had another child throw up in the car.

And while writing this, my two year old just spilled Root Beer all over the counter.

Only me.


  1. No, I'm pretty sure I've had experiences that equal or top yours, only I've blocked them out.

  2. Sometimes I feel like I should just have a wipes container surgically attached to my hip. The bodily functions are enough to manage, but then you add the spills and there is just constant clean up going on.

    Sorry you had a rough week. There was something about last week that was just icky. Let's hope this one plays out better.

  3. To clarify my statement, there were several other little annoyances, any three of them would have added up to a story I might tell. Arlene has definitely called with similar experiences, BUT only Debbie has the Karma to have the 5 little quirks of fate to lead up to the diaper wipes not being there AND having a water main break and close down the resteraunt, Not before she ordered or before she cleaned the baby, but actually during the time it took to seat her at her table and discover the diaper explosion. The timing was worthy of a greek tragedy and I stand by my statement. I've had laughably bad days, we all have, but Debbie has some really cosmic sized coincidences. Here's to the ones that turn out in your favor, Deb. Hugs.

  4. The way I see it, you're in for a whole lot of good karma, Deb. *hugs* Sorry for the crap days.

  5. Aaah, I don't even carry wipes anymore.

    But crap still happens...

    Wow, that is an Only You moment.