Wednesday, May 19, 2010

After All That Talk of Music...

I have Christmas Carols stuck in my head.  I was given lots of great music to look up yesterday, but I didn't. 

Now I am paying the price.  During my shower I was singing a Christmas song.  Maybe I should share with all of you . . .

Love and joy come to you
And a merry Christmas too.
And God Bless you and send you
A happy new year
Happy singing...

PS This is my kids moments before they smashed their gingerbread houses--the videos are priceless.


  1. The songs are gone from my brain. Thanks all.

  2. I love the gingerbread smashing. May I suggest some other family traditions? There's smashing pumpkins, toilet papering houses, or my personal favorite, lighting a bag of dog poop on someone's doorstep :)

  3. Whenever I hear a Christmas song off-season, it puts a smile on my face. Although, weather-wise I would certainly like to get out of winter mode at this point.

    Thanks DJ!

  4. Christmas year round. That's my mantra. Although, I don't usually break out the carols until sometime in July...

  5. Glad to know I'm not the only one that does that. :0)