Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Effect of Creation

I love to create, it gives me such a thrill.  It could be a new skirt, or redecorating a room, or even creating clean clothes (sick as it sounds, sometimes laundry is even fulfilling).  I dabbled in scrapbooking and card making.  I love baking (which is another form of creation).  I love to create.

But I am totally ADD.  I never stay with one form.  Plus I rarely do a project that takes more then a few days.  (I think the reason I didn't stick with scrapbooking--it is never "done".)  Several years ago I made burp rags for the birth of my son (he's almost 9 now).  I was so pleased with my accomlishment that I laid them on the coffee table for days just so I could admire them.

I think this is why writing is hard.  There is no immediate sense of accomplishment.  You can't work for two days and lay your published book on the coffee table to admire.  It takes months and years before you can lay out your efforts for the world to see.  But maybe, just maybe, that is what makes it all the better.

After the months and years you can physically hold that story and your characters in a tangible way.  That beautiful bound book is your creation.  Here's to all of us who are holding on to that dream--may we reach it and hold our own books.  To all of you that can hold your creation--here's to you for putting in the sacrifice.  The world is a better place because of fiction!

(PS Happy Cinco de Mayo)


  1. I'm like you, that I want immediate results, but writing can be like that too. When you finish a chapter, you can share it. And enough of those chapters makes a book. Who knew? ;)

  2. ARGH! I've tried three times to post a comment, but it's not working!

    You nailed it on the head, DJ. :)

  3. Try spreading all your finished pages out on the coffee table. Just keep kids and animals away from it. :)

  4. Well said, DJ. Love the thoughts and have been loving the creative results of learning to sew.

  5. Linda, that's a good idea. I never print anything so its all stuck in a computer. Maybe I'll make a notebook to put my writing in so I can see my progress. :)

    Donna, sewing is great but can be addicting. :)