Saturday, May 29, 2010


Something I think is considered universally annoying is when you go to a movie theater and someone sitting near you does a running commentary throughout the movie.

However, it occurred to me as I was watching a movie rental recently and as I was watching some TV shows this week that I am guilty of routinely doing that at home. Not content to sit and merely view the entertainment before me, I speak out, sometimes even scream out - chastising characters, complimenting performances, or booing results.
As stated in previous blogs, I do not watch many hour dramas on TV (I can't talk about the Lost finale yet. I'm still recovering, in more ways than one.). So, most of the time my commentary is directed at "reality" fare such as Survivor or American Idol, a format that is much easier to interrupt and still follow what is going on. My TV watching partner, the hubby, doesn't seem to mind my outbursts and adds his own more occasionally.

In fact, I see our mutual commentary as a bonding ritual and an enhancement to our entertainment, if you will. That's a good thing, right? A couple of examples from this week's American Idol finale:

Hubby: I never liked Hall and Oates and I reallllly don't like them 30 years later.

Me: This is painfully embarassing (covering eyes). Make her stop. Make her stop! (During Paula Abdul's monologue)

Rest assured, I have never exhibited this behavior in a public venue. However, I understand why I instantly liked Mystery Science Theater 3000.


  1. I burst out laughing at your last comment! Thanks. (PS The rodeo was awesome! Good Job!!)

  2. I miss Mystery Science Theater. My husband will yell at the TV during a sporting events. When Lord of the Rings first opened I went with a group, some people were friends of some friends. Anyway during the scary parts one gal I didn't know would stand up and scream, right there in the theater. It was very odd. I'd never seen that before. Different strokes for different folks. :0)

  3. I just read this entire post out loud to my sister and we laughed heartily.

  4. My friend went to a New Moon premier, and before the movie started, the crowd was shouting out, "Team Edward," or, "Team Jacob." So on a dare she shouts out very loudly, "Team Bella." Needless to say, she got her moment of silence :) The person who did it is "Silly Human." Way to be awesome, Girl!