Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Wheel

I sat down to blog and got so caught up in reading everyone else's blogs on my dashboard that I have run out of time to write my own. So while we gear up for an awesome blog contest here on Inking Cap, today's message is simple. The wheel is the coolest invention--second only to the discovery of fire in the evolution of humans. Big or small, it keeps us moving. It is universal, carts, cars, mills, roller coasters, elevators, trains, the wheel is everywhere.

Imagine an alternative to the wheel.

What are some other universal items we could replace and tell a story about? Any ideas?


  1. I hate getting caught up in blogs. All those clever people out there stealing my attention! :)

    As for universal items, I think it would be cool for someone to reinvent the mirror, so instead of seeing a flipped image of yourself, you saw things reflected exactly as they are.

  2. Such a cool idea, Deb! I wish I'd thought of it. But now I'm wondering what I really look like...

    My favorite invention is the oven, hands down. Whoever thought of putting a glass door into the equation was just showing off, though.