Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Anybody Out There?

All right dear readers it is time to hear from you!

We are wondering if you are out there.  If you actually are out there, let us know!!!  We are thinking of doing a giveaway . . . but if no one is out there, why should we?

OK, give us a shout out.  Then wait while we figure out a giveaway :)

Last night was our writer's group.  It was great to be together and get energized about writing. For me, writing is totally social.  I love talking out plot points with my group and getting their help.  I learn a lot from reading the other writers' work and listening closely to the critique.  I know I can apply it to my writing just as well as to the other's writing!

For you, dear reader, what is your writing style, solo or social?  Do you have a great group who helps you?  Or are you successful all on your own?  Let us know!!!!!

PS This is not the official giveaway.  It is just to see if it is a viable option for us Inkers. :)


  1. In true cyborg fashion, I use the hybrid option--I talk things over with a select few people, bounce ideas off of them when I hit trouble spots, and then mostly do the rest alone. I don't always ask for suggestions, but rather I ask what's wrong with my plot/voice/etc, and go from there.

  2. Hello...?

    (Hollow echo trailing in the distance).

    Hmm. Guess no one's around.

  3. You're so lucky to have a supportive writers' group. How did you find each other?

  4. Aha! There IS someone out there!

    In answer to your question, Gussie, it was cosmic destiny. No, I kid! Diva Donna put this little writing miracle together. All so that once a month she would be guaranteed really good food and conversation. :)

  5. I tend to write alone, but I'm always up for bouncing ideas off whoever will listen.

  6. I don't know, maybe chopped liver isn't so bad...