Monday, January 3, 2011

Calling On Creativity

Hello to all my creative friends. I need your help. My daughter is turning ten and I have a really fun birthday planned (well, sort of planned) and I could use some assistance to fill in all the details. So if you're creative (which I know you are) and willing to help someone in need (which I know you should be) then give up a shout.

Here's the scenario. Rainbow (my daughter) is celebrating her birthday with her famous rock band, Colors Of The Rainbow. It's a mystery party and one of the guests has stolen the birthday cake. What I need are ideas for clues to leave that will lead to the culprit. I've thought of a cake receipt, a video clue of the cake maker, perhaps a copy of the insurance get the idea.

Help me out here, folks. The party is Friday, so time is of the essence. I know there are some great suggestions out there, just waiting to be used.


  1. Frosting on the wall, fake (obvious) footprints, a Bigfoot-esque blurry picture taken by a camera that just happened to be sitting there, an intercepted text message...

  2. Intercepted text message is good. Are you giving the clues to individuals or to the group as a whole?

    If you need help with a bigfootesque photo I might be able to swing it. My camera does blurry pretty well sometimes.

  3. Sorry, I'm no good to you here. I suck at birthdays. But, let me know how it goes because my daughter is turning ten in March. :)

  4. Sorry, my creative well is dry and I've never put together this type of party. But, I like all of Graham's suggestions.

  5. Maybe a ninja or zombie stole the cake . . . but with the former, you wouldn't be able to leave any clues since ninjas don't leave evidence.