Thursday, January 13, 2011


This is the setting for my new WIP (work in progress) I've committed to meeting with an agent and pitching this book in 3.5 months. 1/2 the time it usually takes me to write a novel. I'm not counting the 6.5 months I've spent outlining and plotting and hoping that I could like the story enough to write it because until January 4th when inspiration finally struck and the whole thing became clear. I hadn't seriously started writing.

Pressure. If capturing the awesome beauty of South Korea were not enough pressure to put on myself, I've added this seemingly impossible deadline.

What pressure do you put on yourself when you write? I know we're feeling it. What's your pressure?


  1. I shy away from pressure. In every aspect of my life. I love being busy and having lots to accomplish, but PRESSURE I do not do well with.

    Good luck. You shall succeed.

  2. Deadline pressure drives me to get things done, but I'm careful to not let the pressure turn into anxiety. I want it to remain an enjoyable creative outlet.