Saturday, January 1, 2011

Memories 2010

baby walking
novel growing
snow fun with hubby & sons

a 5 year-old!
myself another year older, wiser?
work, work, work
writers conference :)
novel growing by small increments

family staycation
walks with the boys
baby talk
still writing

first day of kindergarten
carmel apples
Halloween fun
Thanksgiving feasting
writing bits

baby talking lots
brothers playing
Christmas joy
family, friends
snow, snow, and more snow
writing more!

Forecast 2011 - That darn novel will FINALLY be finished!

Please share your own reflections on this past year or goals for 2011. Happy New Year!!


  1. Hmmm, my 2010 seems kinda like a blur. Of course the thousands of photos would disagree. This was the year of allergies. Allergy shots every Monday for the kids, taking corn and soy out of the diet for the kids (dairy has been gone for a while). Plus a few trips here and there. Moab, Seattle, Uintahs camping, Yurt in the Uintahs, Group campout in Springville.

    Writing was pretty weak this year. I started several stories and finished none. Props to you Linda for continuing on and not quiting.

    For 2011 I hope to see more camping and more writing.

  2. Same with me on the writing front, DJ. This year, I hope to get SOMETHING finished. Also, hopefully, we'll be moving into a bigger house. I see 2011 being a year of hope. :)

  3. 2010 had some great highs, and some deep lows. But I've come out of it appreciating so much in my life. For my writing goals, I hope 2011 will see my novel finished, and hopefully an agent to boot.

  4. 2010 was a fun and busy year. My writing was inconsistent. I ran a 1/2 marathon because I said I would and I started several projects and finally picked one for 2011. I remember LTUE, Storymakers, Sushi with friends, Soccer with my boys and girl's day out with my daughter, cancelled girl's weekend (that will never happen again), breakdowns, new beginings and mostly great friends and fun times.

    For 2011 I hope for more great friends to come into my life and to celebrate a lot of times with my awesome kids and hubby. Plus more Sushi and more writing.