Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holding Pattern

Ever feel like you're in a holding pattern, hovering around your goals but never really landing to tackle them? That's how I feel about writing right now. Boy, I'd really love to get something done this year, like getting that novel written. So, why does it seem like I'm hovering around it and never really taking it on? Could it be that I haven't really set the time aside? Maybe I haven't put my heart into it? Am I too distracted counting down to the release of The Dark Knight Rises? (July 20th, 2012, by the way. I'll be going to the midnight showing.) I think all of these reasons are pretty close to the truth. So, this year my goal is to set actual time aside to write. Thanks to my writing group for keeping me in the game. Here's to a productive writing year. :)


  1. For me, a lack of writing usually comes down to priorities. When it seems like I'm being pulled in fifteen different directions, it's a sad and unfortunate truth that writing tends to get the back burner. But I'm hoping to prioritize a little better and make writing a bigger part of this year!

  2. I'm in a holding pattern today . . . waiting for that big thing to come, and it ain't coming.

  3. I think sometimes it feels too overwhelming, because it's a whole novel, and if you only have a short amount of time in the day it hardly seems worth diving into. But, I've decided that even if I write two sentences, it's progress, and it keeps me thinking about the story rather than struggling to get back in a groove after not touching it for two weeks.

    Kirk - Hang in there. I know it's hard to wait for such news. Hoping for a good result for you.

  4. Keep us in the loop Sir Kirk A Lot.
    Excellent point. Sometimes I don't make the effort, but like Linda said, even two sentances is better than forgetting all the coolness that still needs to come out.