Monday, January 31, 2011

The DI-5

Who's on your DI-5?

For those of you wondering what the heck I'm talking about, DI-5 stands for Desert Island 5, or the five people in your life, you wouldn't mind being stuck on a desert island with.

Recently, a new guy started at my husbands work. I asked him if the newbie qualified for his co-worker DI-5 (And yes, we do have strange conversations such as this). He's not quite sure yet, but declared it as potential.

Since my hubby is an obvious choice for my DI-5, after all, I am married to the most awesome man...although Kirk is a close second in awesomeness...I will tell you that Donna is also on my DI-5. I have to list her, mostly because I know she reads this blog and might divulge my mischief if I don't give her DI-5 status.

So tell me. Who is at least one person on your list, and why?


  1. Hmmm, interesting idea. #1 would be Steve. Mainly cause he's mine and he rocks, but also cause he's got mad-dog survival skills.

    I'm not sure after that.

  2. OK, I know who else. It would be my sisters and their husbands. My sisters (2) and I are all very different, but very strong accomplished women. My dad always said if we went into business together there isn't anything we couldnt do cause we all have such individual strengths. So we could move mountains.

    Plus, I've lived with them before. I know their quircks and I wouldn't be so annoyed by them.

  3. Ask me tomorrow. Tonight I'd rather be on my Island alone!

    Oh, alright. Steve can come for his mad survival skills, DJ can come cause we need Steve and she's pretty optimistic. And Debbie can come because once the tree house is build and DJ is baking cookies I need someone to help me sabotage it. So we'll have something to do on day 2.

    Marko only gets to come if he's finished his homework. Same for the kids. I'm not doing homework on my island.

  4. Aside from the kids and hubby, MacGyver - obviously, and MacGruber, because I'm assuming he's funnier.

  5. My mom, for sure. That woman would have an entire village built with indoor plumbing within the first five days. And indoor plumbing is important to me.

    But aside from her, I don't know if I can narrow it down. Five seems like such a paltry number. :/

  6. Schaara, Ronald Reagan, Jack Sparrow, a literary agent (can't escape, right?) and an Arawak indian who knows how to make canoes from anything (but this won't be revealed until the agent and I have had a LOT of time to talk.)