Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bah and Humbug!!!

Bah and Humbug to rewrites, frozen fingers, chocolate cookies, free lunches, and good advice.
Yeah, its been one of those days.

On a completely different topic...DJ's work with Mr. Scrooge in the play she is directing this week paid off, and he did a great job. Congratulations and 'break a leg' tomorrow. Don't know why they think its a jinx to say good luck in the theater.

I love Christmas!!

(The raving ramblings of a overtaxed mind. Welcome to my world.)


  1. Just remember that good advice sometimes comes as a sacrifice from those who give it, because they know how unwelcome the advice can be. :)

  2. Sorry it's been one of those days. But think, when you get your book published the hard work, rewrites, and frozen fingers will pay off.

    Sorry to say, but the chocolate cookies almost never pay off.

    I believe in you. Keep your head up because you are AMAZING!

  3. Yeah, you're very near the finish line. Time to start your sprint.

  4. I disagree Deb. I think chocolate cookies always pay off, but only temporarily. :)

    Hang in there Donna. You've got a great story that continues to evolve and when you're a rich and famous author you can buy some custom made gloves with little built in heaters so your fingers will never freeze.

  5. Funny, Tart. Child birth. Ahhh, the memories :)

  6. Perhaps I should not write my posts at Midnight when the coolest elements of my story has been under attack all day. Sleep does wonders.

    On the chocolate cookie discussion, I agree with Linda. The payoff is temporary, but very satisfactory. The humbug comes when you try to tally daily calories for a friendly competition and realize that the cookies put you way over the goal.

    Kirk, you crack me up. Good advice is good advice and I'd rather have it and hate it than not have it and stumble around in ignorance. Thanks for being brave. I'm working on the actual appreciation of the advice from everyone, not just yours. You all might have to wait and read the acknowledgments in print.

  7. It's nice having a support group for something as taxing as writing, isn't it? If alcoholics need one, why not writers? :)

  8. And, many writers are alcoholics, so we can understand why!

  9. Support Groups are fabulous. Though, in general, support groups are there to help you kick the habit--not encouraging you to do more than the others. Let's see how many words you can hit up this week . . . how would that work for AA? How many drinks did you down? How many innocent people did you hurt?

    I digress.

    Thank you for your words about Scrooge. He actually pulled it off!!! WooHoo

  10. In the case of writers groups its about kicking the depressing self doubt habit. So how many words did you write is actually translated to how many days were you sober, clean, or happy depending on your addiction?