Saturday, December 26, 2009


At year's end, many lists come out citing the "best" of the year -everything from books and movies to dry cleaners. The end of 2009 has brought alternate lists, detailing the best of the past decade.

I like these lists, especially how they bring about much debate and discussion. So, I'd like to present a very random list of some of my favorite writing of the past decade.

The Harry Potter Series Conclusion (a world I'd love to visit, with characters I care about - including that naughty Tom Riddle)

Juno (a unique voice, in a funny and touching tale)

Lost (great premise, interesting characters, and although they got off track here and there, I'm dying to know how it ends)

The Office/30 Rock (my favorite TV combo, many laughs, but even better are the cringe-worthy moments)

The Dark Knight (worthy for the Joker character alone)

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (great adaptation and epic filmmaking)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Dan Wells gave a great tribute on his blog. I totally agree, the writing is stellar.)

Boulevard of Broken Dreams (This Green Day song still pops into my head unexpectedly.)

The Princess Academy (I never thought I'd like a book with the word princess in the title, but I loved the strong female lead character as a model for young girls.)

Twilight (It should have ended with book one, or ended better. But, because of the Cullens, it belongs here.)

I know there are many more, but my brain is in a Christmas coma and these are the first that come to mind. Feel free to chime in with your own.


  1. I agree with many on your list, Linda.

    I'll have to think of some other info that goes a list for the last decade.

    One is streaming movies and tv on the of my most used techno advances recently.

    Psyche & Burn Notice...very funny detective shows.

    Castle gets new TV series of 2009 hands down.

    High School Musical movies get best teen
    Musicals since how Glee has taken off since this new kid friendly musical movie phenom set the stage.

    Mamma Mia best musical I've seen in a decade. Whether on broadway or in the Theater or on DVD it is a rip-roaring good time.

    There's a few to tide ya over.

  2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was definitely unique. I've never seen anything like it. Great list!

  3. I just watched Eternal Sunshine and, while I liked it for the story and fascinating sci-fi concept, it had waaaaaaaay too much swearing in the form of the F-bomb for my taste.

    Castle is my favorite TV show right now, for sure, but I love many other shows that don't occur to me until they're on.