Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today Is My Anniversary

12 years ago today I was married.

As I write this my husband is making me laugh so hard it is difficult
to type. He is an original. I can't say what he was saying, but he
makes me laugh regularly.

We are having a quiet day (its snowing buckets out there) of seeing
two or three movies today at my favorite movie theatre, The District.
Per a fellow Inker's advice, we will see Avatar and then we will see
another movie, New Moon. I've already seen it with Deb and Donna on
Opening Day, but now its Dear Husband's turn. He read the books so he
could have something to talk to me about. (He's so funny).

Our children are at grandmother's house for 30 hours. :)

We were originally thinking of going to Moab to camp in our car, but
this snow storm helped us change our minds. I received a promise to
take the Moab trip in March. Just him and I and red rock. Aaaah.


  1. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like a really fun day. =]

  2. No kids for 30 hours? Think of all the writing you could get done!


  3. Lovely! Enjoy every minute, and give us your movie reviews after.

  4. OK Movie Review Time.

    We ended up seeing three movies yesterday and one today with the kids. I'll start with the most recent: Alivin and the Chipmunks. I was excited to see this one, we all loved the first one. It was painful to watch. Just painful. My daughter said it was one of the best movies she's seen, but I was so happy when it was all done.

    The last movie we watched yesterday (we spent a total of 12 hours at The District yesterday--we ate, watched 7 hours of movies, and shopped a little) was Sherlock Holmes. I wish I had seen it before Avatar. It was a good movie, but nothing compared to Avatar, and so it lacked a little. I loved Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. The parts that they were together were priceless. The banter was great. The action was good, but sometimes they moved so fast, it was like they were trying to cover up bad fighting. All in all a fun movie, but if I never see it again I won't cry.

    The second movie we watched was New Moon. It was Steve's first time and he enjoyed it much more than the first. I cold watch this one again and again.

    Now for AVATAR. WOW and Holy Cow. I was blown away. It was the best movie. Steve and I are wanting to see it again, right now. We paid the extra cash to see it in 3D and it was worth it. Words cannot express how much I loved this movie. Thank you Kirk for recommending it. I might have missed it if it weren't for you. Totally worth seeing in the theatre. Worth paying a sitter. AMAZING