Thursday, December 17, 2009

To Tinsel or Not To Tinsel

Every year around this time, I begin digging trenches to prepare for the battle of the Christmas Tree Tinsel. My dear hubby sports a distinct likeness to Ebeneezer Scrooge, which unfortunately I did not discover until after our wedding on December 26th because our first Christmas we spent in 2 countries and 3 different states and all that travel left little time for discussion of whether or not to put tinsel on the Christmas tree. So for the last 11 years the battle has raged and so far my trench warfare has prevailed. There has been tinsel and a live Christmas tree every year, except when we went to Mom's house, where she had a live tree and tinsel, and I had no need of trenching or guerrilla tactics.

This year the shots over the bow have already begun.
Hubby says, "Okay, we'll spend our last dime on a dumb tree, if you insist, but no tinsel."
My response, "Hmm...well...I guess I could try ribbon this year instead of tinsel, BUT if it doesn't FEEL like Christmas, then I'll have to put some tinsel on the tree."
There. I have clearly drawn my battle line, including a compromise. Enough said right? NO.

Day 2
Dear Hubby says, "I just hate picking the tinsel out of the grass all summer. (Note: we drag the tree to the street for pick up after christmas and the tinsel has been known to fall off in the transport, BUT he's exaggerating, obviously.)
It clogs the mower."
My response, "No it doesn't."
DH: "Yes, it does and the vacuum cleaner too. I hate that."
Me: "But there has always been tinsel on the tree, every Christmas forever."
DH: "It's still Christmas without the messy tinsel."
Me: ...
DH: "Right?"
Me (to myself in my head): "Bring it on, Scrooge."

Could I live without the tinsel? Probably, if forced to by flood, fire, or allergy. BUT I don't have to and I don't want to. Did I mention that I still sleep beside the glittery Christmas tree on Christmas eve, like I did when I was 6, because I love looking at it that much?

What do you love about Christmas?


  1. Funny what you think you are marrying comapered to what you actually married. I thought I married a social butterfly who loved to plan activites as much as me . . . so wrong.

    Now, about Christmas. I never had tinsel. Steve did and he told stories of his cat running her butt across the carpet to dislodge the undigested tinsel. Since that story we're not much tinsel fans.

    I love the sparkle. The glitter. Lights that glow and fairy dust that glimmers. Snow that glistens. Ahh.

    I also love baking with family; my mom, my kids, the firefighters.

    What I hate: wrapping presents, never being home (though I love going to all the events--I miss home), that's about all.

    Steve and I have a similiar argument. Star vs. Angel. We got married on Dec 30th. Our colors were silver and colbalt blue with free Christmas trees decorated accordingly. My mother bought an amazing silver angel for the wedding. We got it. It has NEVER graced our tree. For years she was relegated to a shelf, but she has since been delivered to DI. Steve has always won with a star. This year his impudence went so far as to give me a lighted star for my birthday! An angel almost topped our tree this year when Steve saw a YODA tree-topper. For once, I was glad the star won out.

  2. DJ, you crack me up. The cat....ew!

    I have never been a fan of tinsel either. My tree has ribbon wrapped around it. I think it can feel like Christmas without the tinsel, but it's never been a tradition for me.

    I'm fortunate my hubby and I have never had the tinsel battle, or the angel/star battle. The only Christmas battle I remember is one year when we didn't have much money and we agreed not to get each other anything. I knew he bought me something which made me mad enough to get him something. Bills, eh. Who needs to pay 'em?

  3. Omigosh DJ you had me rolling. I LOVE the Yoda tree topper. That is classic.

    Donna, your account of the "negotiations" also had me laughing, but I'm sorry, I have to take "Dear Hubby's" side on this one. I hate tinsel.

    I do love sitting in the quiet at nighttime watching the tree all lit up, all cozy with a blankie. I love Christmas carols, the traditional Christmas TV specials, especially Rudolph, the Grinch, and The Year Without a Santa Claus, and the best part, watching the kids open their presents and get all excited!


    Your negotiation dialogue brings to mind the argument from "Stardust" when Captain Shakespeare is selling his lightning.





    "How about 200?"


    "Did I hear 200?"

    "From you, you did! 195, final offer!"

    "Done. So with taxes, that's 200."

  5. I don't recall having that kind of argument with my DH. That's not to say that I haven't. I just can't remember it. It'll probably come to me tomorrow. :)

  6. I'm sorry, I'm with Ebenezer on this one! I hate tinsel with every fiber of my soul! My mother loved it, and we put it on almost every year - which translated to hours of stringing silver thread one string at a time on each individual needle of the tree. Tedius does not begin to cover it. What's worse is those sorts of people (they shall remain nameless here) who feel the need to recollect said tedius tinsel and save it for next year.

    Not just no!

  7. Ohhhhh, I don't know why, but that made me sad for you, W.E.

    We used to have tinsel on our tree every year when I was growing up, but the tradition sort of got lost in my teens. Now I wish we'd kept it. :(