Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Off track

After a couple of weeks of doing well on my current work in progress, I have been derailed. Not all together, but enough to make me feel frustrated. I'm not without excuses. I could probably pull fresh excuses out from underneath my children's pile of laundry, but that doesn't make it less frustrating.

So, for fun, (and to get me out of my funk) I want to hear the wacky, silly or lame ideas you guys might have. Come on! Give me your worst!

Here's mine to get you guys started:

Space pirates! Space pirates who come to our planet and turn it into an intergalactic Tortuga! Yes! I would read that.


  1. hmmmm it'still too early for creative/bazaar thinking . . . I'll have to get back to you.

  2. I love the space pirates. Long live Earth-uga!
    My wacky silly idea of the day is regency romance with zombies(oh wait nope that's been done). What about alien video game controlers that control people (ooops that movie is coming out on dvd this month).

    Here you go...pixies that are as tall as humans and their skin changes color like mood rings. Add slavers and a hidden prince and you've got my wackiest idea since eating Irish dirt could transport you straight to the Emerald Isle.

  3. I think the dancing llama is as silly as I've gotten so far. I'm too reality based for this assignment. ;)

    Anyway, snap out of it Tart. We're all enjoying what you've done so far and want more, please.

  4. Crazy ideas? Mine is about eye color sucking out souls. =P
    Hope you get back on track soon. =]

  5. That's just creepy, L.T. Very cool!

    Keep them coming. :)

  6. An army of angels...sent forth to the earth...to destroy...a diner.

    Oh crap, someone beat me to it:


    Can you believe this screenplay actually made it to the screen?! Looks like total crap!!!!

  7. My crazy idea?

    Hmmm... how about a deranged Santa Claus, who gives plastic surgery for Christmas, with the help of his elves, who have razor-sharp teeth that they use with surgical accuracy. And all the fat removal surgeries get disposed of with help from the reindeer. They LOVE a little lard in their diet.

    LIttle Julie wanted a tummy tuck for Christmas. Heeeeeere Rudolph!

  8. That sounds more like The Rocky Horror Christmas Show meets Fight Club.

    I like it, Deb! hahahaha