Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Collage of Thoughts about Writing

I have favorite characters that creep into my thoughts when least expected and I wonder if this happens to anyone else. I might be out running errands, having a conversation or just cleaning my house when a scene or image pops in to say hello. There's really nothing like doing your dishes with Bruce Wayne, Elizabeth Bennet and Katniss Everdeen at the same time. It's even better when the character in my head is one I've created...

I'm wrapping up reading the Mistborn series with 'The Hero of Ages', currently. It has the notable attribute of keeping me absorbed through over 2000 pages of story while inspiring me to finish my own novel. It's a great reminder of how I want to write, with satisfying highs and lows. And rational character arcs that take the characters in interesting directions.

When looking at and critiquing a published work, I tend to forget that most readers aren't interested in how well a book is written for a first try. Most people don't even think about how much experience the author actually has in the field of writing. In a way, it makes writing that first novel even more challenging, this knowing that people will judge me with no regard for the sliding scale I think I might deserve.

To tie this all up, I just want to say a big thank you to the authors that have inspired me with their creations in spite of their critics and self-doubt. I'm impressed with people like Brandon Sanderson who are able to put pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard more likely, and make their stories come to life through sheer force of will. Good on ya! Thanks for the examples of excellent writing that I can now aspire to.

For all you other guys out there, what are some of your favorite, memorable or otherwise interesting characters that stick with you through thick and thin? One of my favs is Edmund Dantes. He is by far one of my absolute favorite characters of all time. He is so incredibly flawed! It just makes me love him even more.


  1. I think to the regular world, hearing about multiple personalities joining you in everyday chores could be a mental disease. But I know you're just a writer :)

  2. I love Edmund Dantes too. I love that whole story. And you're right about that first book being even that more important. And Brandon Sanderson rocks. This is just a great post all around!

  3. You won't be surprised to hear that Elizabeth Bennett often enters my thoughts. Occasionally the obscure character of Hope Leslie also pipes in from the American novel Hope Leslie by Catherine Sedgwick. Lord Worth and Duke Avon also intrude from Georgette Heyer's awesome regency novels. There are so many. I am sure that I'll be a very happy and senile old lady someday visited by my BFFs (Best Fictional Friends.)

  4. @Deb- It's debatable, I believe. :)

    @L.T.- Thanks for the props. It was good seeing you at LTUE. :)

    @Donna- I believe it's time for me to read another regency romance. (Don't jump up and down too much).

  5. Some of my fictional companions include Scout, Bridget Jones, Jane Eyre, and the aforementioned Elizabeth Bennett. Great post Arlene!