Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Isn't that a great word?  The song is pretty great too. . .

What words have you created to move along your story . . .


What words have you created to express an idea (sometimes it comes from blending words, or as my female relations call it "twixing your twords").

I used some from Gaelic Mythology to create religions, Aelfheimer and Tuatha De. 

I would love to find a dictionary of stems (Sorted by meaning) to create new words.

Back to Supercalifragili . . . I wish I was a little more like Mary--optimistic, firm, yet able to have fun.  I've no problem with the firm side of things, its the kid size fun that I lack.

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  1. My little brother once made up a word to call our dog after we shaved him. He looked like a sheep so he became Shveep. ;)