Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boiled Potatoes

Have you ever read a book that painted such a picture that whetted your appetite?  That whenever you think of that edible item you remember the way it sounded in the book?

Years ago I read The Whipping Boy.  One of my favorites as a kid.  Whenever I think of potatoes I think of the boiled potatoes in that book.  I can't really recall what happened with the potatoes, but I can sense the cottage and the way the potatoes felt going down.  It makes me want to eat them all the time.

Today I had a boiled potatoe hot from the pot.  It wasn't as good as I pictured it.  Of course, they were eaten by starving boys in the book and we all know that when you are hungry everything tastes better.

Another thing I remember from The Whipping Boy is the bad guy who ate onions and how he reeked of onions.  (Whenever I smell someone with that particular odor I remember the bad guy) 

Now I need to pick that book up again and rediscover the boiled potatoes.


  1. I TOTALLY know what you mean, DJ. The first book I ever read straight through that I remember was "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and there are so many great descriptions of food in there that I'm sure that's half of why I liked that book so much. As an afterthought, it's probably why I was so willing to try trout. :)

  2. That is funny that you tried trout cause of a book. I still haven't tried it. Not cause I don't want to, its just never avaiable. (Or something else on a menu looked better.)

  3. DJ, I will bring you my copy of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" to our next meeting. I believe you will really enjoy it, if for no other reason than one of the main characters is named Lucy. :)