Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visiting Old Friends In My Mind

I just got a new computer.   Today I tranfered old files onto the new one.

Seeing all the file names reminded me of the characters that I created and left on the shelf.  I smiled thinking over some of them.  These poor people are stuck in the prison of my mind. They need air, life, and freedom to live on the printed page.  Poor pale hazy forms . . . Here are some that I found and love:

Mrs Smythe is a great character.  I can't decide if she's truly mean or if she's over protective or if she's paranoid or prejudiced.  She is like Darth Vader in that she is evil, but can she be redeemed?

Saturn is another one that is lingering in my brain.  He is a 1970's Disc Jockey that is about to lose his job when a group of insane teenagers infiltrate his "Rings of Love" radio show upping his ratings and his anxiety.

Then there are the lovers who live in the far North and only socialize during the short growing season.  How is their love going to grow with such a short growing season and then months of darkness and isolation.

Who are some of your characters that are saved on a file or thumb drive and waiting to come out?

(PS Happy St Patrick's Day!!!  I forgot until I was scheduling it--hope you all have the luck O' the Irish)


  1. I have at least three characters all named Anne. And, yes, they're all different. Poor girls.

  2. Too many to mention... That is why I am determined to finish this novel and hope that Elizabeth, Nick, Jimmy, Pete, Niles, Angela, and everyone else gets to come out.

    P.S. - I really like Mrs. Smythe. I think you should definitely dust her off.

  3. I agree with Linda. Dust off old Mrs. Smythe. For me its Aedan, he's awesome, Brandyn, Brenna, Felicia and Lady Jane..Mathias and Maddie as well. Then there's teen spy Tayla Russo, mood elves, Rana, Dustin and the Shepherd. So many who still need to have the rest of their stories told.