Thursday, March 18, 2010

Daylight Slavings!!

I think its official, I'm a slave to the contrivance of day light savings. Whoever decided that it was a good idea to take an hour away in the Spring just to give it back in the Fall is totally laughing at me from their post in the cosmos. (I'm not going to speculate whether they are in a hot or heavenly place.) Suffice it to say that the mean joke is on all of us, except Ohio and Arizona...who opt out of this strange mass acceptance of time control. Two states can opt out, why can't I?

Why do I have to go to bed when I am NOT tired just to wake up an hour earlier than normal to a dark room and a clock that says I'm 20 minutes late instead of 40 minutes early?

Someone explain the madness. Then I can possibly explain it to my small children who completely ignore the clock and trust me to tell them when its bed time and when its time to get up. Twice a year for about a week, I look like an idiot to my kids.

This is how the conversation goes:
Me: "Okay kids is time for bed get your teeth brushed and lets say prayers."
Daughter:"Okay, Mom." She gets up to turn off the TV, but is detained by her brother.
Older Son: "Don't listen to her, its still light outside. She's just trying to get us to go to bed early."
Daughter: "Mom, why do you want us to go to bed early?" Suspicion creeps into her trusting face.
Me: "Honestly, it's bed time. Look at the clock."
Daughter to son: "What does the clock say?"
Son: "Doesn't matter what the clock says," without glancing at them, "Dad changed them all this morning so they're all wrong now. I think he's in on it."
Me: "It's called Daylight Savings time."
Son: "What are we doing with all the time we save?" He actually turns to look at me interested in manipulating time.
Me: "Nothing."
Son: "That's dumb!" He turns away disillusioned. "Does everyone do this."
Me: "Yes!...Well, unless you live in Ohio or Arizona."
Son to daughter: "Let's declare the living room Ohio and finish our movie."
Daughter: 'Great idea."

Thus begins the anarchy of daylight 'slavings' which fails all logic tests.


  1. This is where you remind the children that in this house, you control time and space, you deliver swift punishment, you can restrict their food privileges, and that the best treatment for such outright insurrection is a good solid chop to the throat.


  2. Graham, I can't wait till you have kids :)

    In Seattle I loved daylight savings. (It is far enough North that days are extra short or long)

    I spent the first half of my life in Arizona. My dad always says they opted out because they don't need any extra sun. The construction workers start at four in the morning so they can spend less time in the heat of the day. But really, in Pheonix, it doesn't cool off at night. It is just miserable.

    I can totally see 'boy' saying those things!! ha ha ha

  3. Well, if he declared the living room to be "Ohio" then you're set. Let him know Ohio is two hours ahead of us and it's waaaaay past his bedtime.

  4. Wish I'd thought of that at the time, Deb. You make a good point.

    Graham, interesting parenting techniques. You would be surprised how the "chop to the throat" can backfire in the form of a UT County Sheriff at the door.

  5. It is my least favorite day of the year. Sleep is very precious to me and I do not give up an hour for whatever reason very willingly.

    Cute story!

  6. It's always been my understand that as long as you don't leave a mark, you're good.

  7. Like the bag of oranges treatment :)