Monday, August 10, 2009

As seen on TV

There are literally hundreds of reality TV shows out there. Everything you could ever desire from A to Y (oddly, there is no reality show that starts with a Z. I know because I checked). All these shows got me to thinking: What can we learn from reality TV? Don't hurt your desensitized, television ridden, brainwashed and zombified mind over it. I have been kind enough to come up with a list, but please feel free to add since my list is certainly not complete.

~All girls come in a size 2 or less, unless they are seriously over weight and want to lose it.
~You're not really talented unless a panel of three to four people can judge you.
~You CAN find true love when placed in a house with 20 good looking people.
~In survival situations, it's more important to know how to manipulate others than how to build a fire.
~Celebrities can do anything! Dancing, apprenticeships, and rehab.
~Drinking alcohol is not a casual happenstance, it is a competitive sport.
~Elimination is a part of life. You should always rank those in your social circles by level of importance so the decision won't be hard at elimination time.

To all the contributors of the blog, elimination is coming. Sorry, Kirk. The tribe has spoken.


  1. I couldn't wait to get off the island! Thanks for voting me off. The food stunk. The weather was capricious. And backstabbing was the primary pastime. Civilization, here I come! (I will miss the fresh papaya, though...)

  2. P.S. Ninja Warriors could kick Donald Trump's arse any day of the week. "You're fired, Trump!"

  3. As Wipeout has proven, watching people fall down in a variety of ways while wet, or covered in mud, foam, or similar, is funny!

  4. I don't watch reality tv. I just don't see what the draw is.

  5. I Think I can Dance with the Stars while I Survive the Bachelorette's Chains of Love but not if I Wipeout against the American Idols' Fear Factor, however if I can Keep up with the Kardashians before I'm 16 & Pregnant it would be one Amazing Race, even if Jon & Kate + their Eight wanted to be America's Next Top Model, but they'd never even rise to the level of Apprentice because they're not Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, in fact they're the Biggest Losers, they couldn't beat Dog the Bounty Hunter in Clash of the Choirs.

    There's my two cents. :-)

  6. Rock on Graham. Rock on.

    I agree, Linda. People hurting and/or making fools of themselves is always good for a laugh.

    (All said while eating the fresh papaya that Kirk is so envious of.)

  7. Hi deb!
    Thanks for making it and posting on my site! Although I'm quiet here, I read often, and even posted a link to your site on my list of blogs I read. 2 things. 1 I want to add to your list, the most obvious, but still overlooked...people really will do ANYTHING for money. Secondly, if you could do me a favor and help with spreading the word a bit, we are having our first contests on our site. One is for a copy of "Alvor" written by Laura Gingham, a wonderful story about twins training to be elves and the second is for a copy of James Dashner's "Maze Runner ARC". You should stop by and enter. Anything you could do spread the word would be great as you know it is my whole family's site and we would love for you to check it out. Thanks and keep posting so I continue to have something to read!
    Best Regards,

  8. Correction, I hit the wrong key, "Alvor" by Laura Bingham not Gingham. Tiny keys and big finger tips on blackberry.