Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dear John Hughes

Dear John Hughes,

I didn't know you, but when you passed away this week, I cried.

You were one of my teachers growing up, the cool one who got that it's okay to be different, families are imperfect, and neither the geeks or the popular kids had it easy. You also made me laugh - a lot.

Thank you for characters like Samantha, Andie, Allison, Claire, and Watts. I don't know how you knew the soul of a teenage girl so well, but you did.

My only major complaint is that Andie should have ended up with Duckie and not stupid Blane. But, maybe you did that intentionally so people would have that reaction?

As a writer, thanks for the inspiration. Rest in peace.


  1. Touching, Linda. Quite touching. :)

  2. I want to see WATTS and ANDIE and SAMANTHA!! Whose up for a movie marathon this weekend? Okay just me then...I think I'll start with "Some Kind of Wonderful."

  3. I missed the Movie Marathon invite ... let's do it over time.

    Watts was my favorite. I played the drums just because of that Movie. (contented sigh)

    I can get them through netflix, now that I finally watched Persuasion (a giddy sigh). Let me know...

  4. You guys go ahead without me. Kirk and I will have a violent, gun flipping, bullet flying video game marathon instead :)