Monday, August 3, 2009

The Dramatic Arts

We all know them. We all have associated with them. And on rare occasion, though we try to prevent it, we end up getting tangled in their web. I'm speaking of drama queens, and the rarer species, the drama king.

These overly dramatic, easily provokable, and generally ridiculous people seem to be surrounded with problems. A broken nail can rain down the fires of hell, a spilled milk tsunami can wipe out a village, and if we ever give them a listening ear, endless torment in the form of a crying marathon can result.

I know a drama queen. She always has financial problems, health problems, and is constantly offended. Nothing seems to be quite right in her life, and she is always at odds with other people. But it absolutely isn't anything SHE has done. Everyone around her is at fault, of course.

I have a theory. These dramatic sorts blow things out of proportion for one of three reasons:

1. They want attention
2. They want to make others miserable like unto themselves
3. They think so highly of themselves that it's inconceivable for someone to challenge their kingdom

If you find yourself in association with someone who parallels any of these three symptoms, I suggest you run in the other direction. Fast. These parasitic, soul sucking, misery inducing, troglodytes can only bring you harm. Drama queen is just a nice way to say blood sucking vampire.


  1. A dirty little secret of mine is that I lettered in drama in high school, so I am very familiar with the type.

    She'd probably make a great character in one of your stories! :)

  2. Vent much, Deb? Wow, someone must have had a spilled milk tsunami come through recently.

    Hope your feeling better. Channel it all into your writing it is a great outlet. Way to go.

  3. I have a pretty good idea who you are referring to. Dare I ask what happened this go round?

  4. What if she's my sister? She thrives off the sympathy she hopes to generate by berating anyone who thinks they have if worse off than she does. She needs to get a couple of really bad traffic tickets all in a row, that'll wake her up...

  5. I don't like drama queens. They irritate me.

    Silly Human! You speak! Nice to hear from you. ;)

  6. Silly Human, yes you know to whom I refer :)

    Graham, I know what you're talking about. Sisters make the best drama queens and unfortunately, sometimes nothing will wake them up!

  7. I'm going through a list in my head, trying to figure out who the mystery royalty is...

    I was talking with friends yesterday about dealing with a person who blows up quickly and often but as quickly settles down vs. the type that completely ignores you after you've offended them until they go off in a ginormous nuclear blast. I decided I prefer the quick-tempered over the passive-agressive, build-it-up-till-it-blows personality.