Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sometimes We Miss A Step

Sometimes everything seems wrong and you can’t figure out WHY. Two nights ago I was trying to operate a simple piece of machinery (that makes my life much easier, and I would consider essential). Every time I tried to do the next step, a needle was shot across the room. I was getting VERY frustrated.

I finally gave up and gave myself the shot without the convenience of the auto-injector. Today I called the drug company insisting that my injector was broken. As I described the problem to the waiting phone specialist, I immediately saw the problem.

That night it was very late, and I was very tired. Plus I had a sleeping husband in the next room. I was trying to be quick about my business. I had forgotten a step—apparently a very critical step—one that keeps syringes from flying through the air. I thanked the lady for her time and hung up.

Then I began to think about this blog and I realized that sometimes we forget steps that make life work. We all have our own steps to take, and they differ for each of us, but we have to do them in order for our lives to function without syringes flying through our bathrooms.
In writing, we all have our own steps and processes in creating. What are some steps you take to create your works of art?


  1. That's a good question. It may be the reason I've been stuck for so long...the not going through the steps.

  2. Brainstorm. World-build. Maybe come up with a list of cliches that I refuse to include. Have a few scenes in mind, plot them out one by one on 3X5 notecards, then write up the connecting scenes in similar fashion. Come up with a full outline, then start writing.

  3. Graham, you are way too disciplined. ;)

    I put together scenes while daydreaming and hope I remember them when I have time to put them to paper. I also like to watch people and combine characteristics of people to invent new characters.