Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Movie Review Time

What? We do movie reviews? Ummmm...no. But here's mine for Julie&Julia, just for fun.

Short version: I liked it. Meryl Streep was outstanding as Julia Child. And, because I love food AND love to cook, I immediately got out my copy of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" the next day and perused until I found a recipe I could make without going to the store. Chocolate Sponge Cake. Delish! But I digress. The movie made me laugh several times, kept me engrossed in Julia Child's story and made me want to cook, yes. But I was sad when I realized that the Amy Adams plot was subpar. I only minimally cared about what happened to her character through no fault of Amy's at all. Just not a great story line. But I would definitely recommend it sheerly for the delight in watching Meryl Streep say, "Bonjour!" in that throaty, Julia Child accent. Love! Love! Love!

Writing for the week: 0 words. Ouch! I have to get on it.


  1. I've heard other great things about this show. I'll have to give it a watch.

  2. Movies and cooking...sounds like a great girls night. Kirk, you in?

  3. Meryl Streep is obviously a great actress, but in recent years I think she has gone too "over the top" in her choice of roles. Everything is gimmicky - accents, costumes, etc. I'd love to see her play a regular person again, like in Kramer vs. Kramer.

    There's my little tangent on her. That being said, it sounds like a fun movie and I like Amy Adams a lot too. Maybe it would inspire me to get creative in the kitchen.