Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I know, I know...it is my turn to post today. My crazy life has gotten in the way. So, here is my blog to you, my story idea of the day:

An angry, fat dwarf comes to the door.....I'm kidding!

Okay, here's the real deal:

Lance (fourteen years old) is heartbroken when his mother dies in a freak accident involving a power line and a tree. As if dealing with his mother's death isn't hard enough, he has to move from his childhood home in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to the less-then-exciting, "Biggest Little City", Reno, Nevada to stay with his dad whom he barely knows. Things get dicey on the first day in his new school where, he isn't ridiculed or made fun of, he's simply ignored...by everyone, including his teachers. In fact, it's as if he doesn't exist to them at all.

That's all folks! Catch ya' next week!


  1. Is he invisible? too normal? or just weird? scratch that weird people get lots of attention. Maybe all the people in Reno are alien clones and have no personalities of their own.
    Hmmm. I think I just tried to make your 'coming of age in a hard world' story into a sci fi freak show. I'm just sayin' =)

  2. So the 14 year old is an angry, fat dwarf?


  3. I always root for the outsider. I'd read it! I'm also curious about the freak accident and if that has anything to do with his invisibility issue.

  4. Sounds like my dating life. Oh wait! :-D

    As for being ignored...meh, probably not his fault, just those strange Reno people.

  5. Yeah, I'm totally hoping there's a paranormal element to this and that he's actually forgettable, making him invisible. Neat idea.

    Oh, and here's the continuation:

    "An angry, fat dwarf comes to the door and knocks patiently. When a little, old lady answers the door, the fat, angry dwarf begins to breakdance, starting with a caterpillar and ending with some really awesome twisters. Then he starts rapping...really rapping...and the old lady is just in shock. Finally he stops, extends his pudgy arms into the air, and says 'Ta-da!' There's a pause, then finally the old lady claps her hands and starts shouting 'Bravo! Bravo!' Then 'Why don't you come in for some cookies and a tall glass of milk, young man.' The fat, angry dwarf walks in, looking a little less angry but still not a whit skinnier."
    (Scene fade.)

  6. Darn! I thought you were going to tell us why the dwarf is angry! So many possibilities!

  7. I was at an dance once when a fat tall man did the caterpillar and made the sound system shut down :) happy times