Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Last week I attended a festival for high school drama kids. A director
from Columbia University spoke (I didn't write down her name--for
shame for shame). She gave us 7 pieces of advice for life in the
Theatre. I challenge that they would all work in real life as well.
They are:

Follow the Pulse
Make a Mark
Create the World You Want
Finish your Sentence
Be Unreasonable
Bring Attention to What's Needed
Cultivate Attitude

Following the pulse is following your pulse! When you have a
"goosebump" moment, follow it and find your dream! Be filled with
love for your art!

Make a mark--leave an impression. Every first stroke on a canvas is a
mistake. Keep practicing and working to make it perfect.

Create the world you want--live your life and treat others so how you
want the world to be.

Finish your sentence. Be politically incorrect, don't be afraid to
say what you need to say.

Be unreasonable. This one I liked a lot. Logic and too much reason
can kill the theatre, I think it can kill writing too. Sometimes you
have to take a leap before you see your landing! Be unreasonable and

Bring attention: the quality of your attention determines others'
attention. In writing, some detail just don't matter, but some
details are crucial!

Cultivate an Attitude. Stand up straight and say what you are! I am
a writer! I am a great writer. Everyone say it with me: I am a
fabulous writer! (Or whatever you are working to become.)

I loved these ideas. So much of what we have to offer the world could
be better is we paid a little more attention, worked a little harder,
and lived without fear.


  1. Awesome post! This is really great advice. I especially love the one about creating the world you want.

  2. Be unreasonable? I usually am. Or at least I try to be :)

    Thanks for the fun post, DJ. And you are spot on. This totally applies to being a writer.

  3. Ha! If they won't say it I will. I AM A FABULOUS WRITER! And I'm unreasonable. Now I just need to work on my attention and making my mark.

    Thanks DJ. Don't you love it when you get goosebumps from listening to someone speak about what you love to do?

  4. I like the finish your sentence part. I've been doing that a lot lately.