Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Low Voice

I love to sing. But I'm told repeatedly to stop singing. So I don't
sing too often. Mostly in the shower.

My husband is mostly tactful and rarely does he stop me from singing.
The only time he steps into shaky ground and asks me to stop is when I
use my "low voice".

Generally speaking he is a kind man, never saying a word about my
size, eating dinner creations that I myself avoid, and pretending to
love the scrapbook gifts I gave him for years before I realized he
hated them. But when I sing (or talk for that matter) in a false low
voice he cringes, he squirms, and he usually leaves the room.

I guess I now have a tool to get rid of him if need be.


  1. My, my. That must be quite the voice. You should save that for anti-terrorist use. Like when we're at conferences and too many people are crowding the authors and agents we want to talk to, you should come straight out with 'the voice', clear the room and let us get our contracts. :)

  2. And at Halloween she hides behind the bushes, scaring little kids into a panic with her guttural moans...

  3. Welcome, to the newbies! Please comment freely. We love a good discussion here. :)

  4. I can also make my husband flee with my singing, but with me it's my high tones. We should get together for some karaoke and see if we can clear out the place.