Monday, January 4, 2010

Music To My Ears

Have you ever awakened with a song playing in your head? You didn't go to sleep singing and yet, in the morning, a tune teases at your brain. And sometimes it's even a song you hate.

Why is this? What happens between the time you lie down at night until you get up in the morning? Certainly you don't flip on the radio and have a listen.

Maybe our sleeping minds pick up on the radio waves. Or perhaps it's some mind control experiment, funded by the government, a form of subliminal messaging. One day we'll all wake up, and be servants to "The Man".

Who knows, but I think it's weird. I also think there's a story in there somewhere.


  1. So uh, don't leave a sister hanging. What song was it?

  2. That Black Eyed Peas song, "I Got A Feeling". Not a horrible song, but I woke up with it playing in my head. Weird.

  3. Maybe it was a message for you that "tonight's gonna be a good night, tonight's gonna be a good, good, night!"

    Or maybe you're destined to dance crazy down the aisle at a wedding soon.

  4. I don't know that song, but I certainly don't want it stuck in my head. That's a chronic problem in my life. Don't get me started...