Monday, January 18, 2010

Would I rather...?

Author J. Scott Savage posted these fun "Would You Rather..." questions on his blog and I figured I would take a moment to answer.

Would you rather:

1) Get a huge advance on your next book but have it be shredded by the book critics, or make almost no money on the book (even after the awards were announced), but receive top awards?
Since I already have my "sugar daddy" I would rather write and make no money, but receive top awards. I definitely don't write for the money.

2) Write a book adored by millions of readers you don’t know, but despised by your friends and family, or write a book your friends and family love, but everyone else hates?
The only reasoning I could see if I wrote a book adored by millions and despised by my friends and family would be if I compromised my moral standards to cause those feelings in my family. If this was the case, I would prefer a book that everyone else hates.

3) Have your book made into a big budget film with lots of publicity and stars, that bombs, or not have your book made into a movie at all?
Bring on the movie that bombs. That's usually what happens when books are turned into movies anyway. Come on! Who wouldn't want their movie on the big screen even if it sucks?

4) Only be able to write in a genre you don’t enjoy but sells like crazy, or write what you love but always sell poorly.
Write what I love. Nuff said.

5) Get the agent of your dreams, knowing they are only lukewarm on your project, or a so-so agent who LOVES your manuscript?
An agent who loves my work. They'll probably do a better job selling it anyway.

6) Publish only one book, but have it be a classic, or publish dozens of mid-listers?
I'm okay with dozens of mid-listers. Then I'll always be doing what I love, even if I don't match up to Jane Austin or Henry David Thoreau.

7) Write books that are very slow reading, but extremely thought-provoking, or quick reads that make people laugh and cry?
To those who know me this might be a surprise answer (because boy, do I LOVE to make people laugh), but to those who know me BEST wouldn't be surprised to know I would rather write things that are thought-provoking.

8) Sign a contract that guarantees $75k a year for the next twenty years, or an all of nothing deal that has a 50/50 chance of paying out nothing or twenty million?
Yeah, adding $75,000 a year to my sugar daddy's income would be just fine.

9) Publish a book that in a genre that is all the rage right now, or one that breaks new ground?
Breaks new ground. No brainer.

10) Publish amazing books that everyone loves, but never read another book, or read the best books for the rest of your life, but never publish a thing?
I'm almost sad to answer that I would rather publish amazing books. It's really a question of what I'm more passionate about, and while both reading and writing rank high, I can supplement my need for a good story with movies. Nothing can substitute for writing.

So, those are my answers. Anyone else want to take a crack at it?


  1. Wow, Deb. Your answers are way too altruistic for me. At the risk of coming off as a mercenary these are mine:

    1)Get a huge advance. What do critics know anyway?

    2)I can think of circumstances aside from moral values that would make my family hate whatever I've written. That being said, I'd rather have the rest of the world love it and be successful than try to please all of my family.

    3)Made into a movie...I think...wait. I don't know. I really, really, really, REALLY hate a bad movie. To see my work trashed might be more than I could bare.

    4)I can't imagine writing in a genre I don't love. How does that even happen?

    5)I don't know yet. I have to consider this one.


    7)Quick read that is thought provoking. Is that possible?

    8)75K a year. I like security.

    9)Ideally, I'd like to break new ground, but who doesn't? Also, what I'm working on now is probably NOT breaking new ground, but I like my story and characters so...

    10)Let's be honest, this dichotomy is never going to happen. And since I don't really have to choose, I'm not going to. :)

  2. Same as Tart's except:

    #3 - I definitely wouldn't want it made into a bad movie. That would hurt me - BAD.

    #5 - I'd go for the agent of my dreams and work to convince them to love my project.

    Speaking of J. Scott Savage, I heard he will be doing book signings at the Dragons & Fairytales bookstore in Eagle Mountain on January 25 or 26.

    Definitely a thought-provoking post! If only I had these problems...

  3. Most of those are easy until you get to the last one. I'm torn between only being able to read or write. Thank heavens that's a hypothetical I never have to answer.

  4. Amen to the thought-provoking! I love the deep stuff!

  5. Ummm.
    1. Advances scare me. But I would love to make money--to me it seems like the books that win awards are crap anyway--there is a reason they don't make money :)
    2.Write for my friends and family. But really, I'll write for myself. If I love it, and the world loves it and my family hates it--too bad. (Except on Debbie's point of moral standards--not to be crossed)
    3.This is hard. Because I would love to see someone else's interpretation of my story. But Stephenie Meyers has said on her website that she is disappointed in Rob's portrayal of Edward (aren't we all) and I think if I had a book that I loved so much, but was totally trashed I would be sad. (But I LOVE movies)
    4.Hmmm ... I'm not sure. And let me explain: When I first started meeting with you guys, I NEVER thought I would even like fantasy or sceince fiction. Now that's all I write. So . . . I dunno. But I'm easy (But it couldn't be thrillers--I would suck)
    5.Someone who LOVES my book.
    6.hmmm. One. But I'd never stop trying for #2.
    7.I personally HATE thought provoking books :)
    8.Breaks new ground
    9.All or nothing. I want my merit to shine through (my dad once new the director of a BIG broadway play--he had a contract to get himself a royalty for everyshow ever done of it but the union convinced him he should get a set amount instead--he lost millions.)
    10.I would have to read. I deal with stress by escaping and reading. Thankfully I can do both. :)

    Thank Debbie. Tons of FUN.

  6. 1) Advance. Screw the critics. They could never write anyhow.

    2) My family already loves me. If they hate the book, that's their problem. Gimme fans.

    3) Even if the movie bombs, I still make money, and at worst it's a commercial for my books, which equals more money.

    4) I'd rather write in my skilled genres. They'll sell anyway, so it's a moot point.

    5) So-so agent who loves my manuscript. That agent is the agent of my dreams.

    6) Mid-listers. I'd hate to only get one of my books published.

    7) I already know I write in the latter category.

    8) I'd play it smart and go for the $75K.

    9) Breaks new ground. Trends suck.

    10) If I never read and only wrote, I'd become one of those a-hole authors that I hate--the kind who claims "Oh I'm more interested in writing good stories than reading them." You need both. So I refuse to answer this question. Mwhahahaha

  7. Ah, as noble and charming as ever I thought you were! =D

  8. I'm going with Graham on these questions with the exception of the 75K: I want both. Most likely I would negotiate a new contract that guaranteed at least 75K and a share in any profit that exceeded the 75K. Cause let's face it. I'm not new to the contract business and I wouldn't settle for either of those options without a fight.