Thursday, January 7, 2010

There should be pictures!!

There should be pictures of me standing beside a cactus in shorts this week, while my fellow Inkers deal with the harsh UT winter. However, there are a few other things that should never be immortalized in pictures.

My first day in Arizona at my conference I met many wonderful people, let's say 50 or more and of those introductions about 20 included hand shakes and then not 5 minutes after the last meeting of the day I discovered through much anguish and unmentionable grossness that I had the stomach flu. OOOPs. Thank goodness I had frequently washed my hands during my travels that day. To my knowledge no one has come down with the ailment besides myself.

Highlights that should have been photographed are:
Athen's restaurant. Yummmmy authentic Greek cuisine. excellent!
Rock Lobster (An 80's band) with their black vinyl pants and thinning hair. Still really good music.
The Frog & Firkin (Yes it's a bar.) This photo would be captioned with, "Where's the Chocolate Sauce!" I don't know about AZ but in Utah all restaurants know that if you are going to serve a 'hot out of the oven' chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, there should ALSO be chocolate sauce on top. The 'Frog' apparently didn't get that message. No chocolate sauce even when requested. Boo.

Anyway. While there are no photos of my week so far. It's been an adventure and I will have plenty of new characters to write about and tons of new experiences to weave into my novel about a choc-o-holic and the reprecussions of not delivering the sauce with the cookie.

Tell about some of your latest adventures while traveling.


  1. No chocolate? That should be punishable by law. In the future, I may have to refuse visiting such a place of ill repute!

  2. While traveling? I can't think of one off the top of my head. The last place we went was Six Flags in Vallejo, CA and you were there. So, if you call stopping on the side of the freeway twice so kids could pee into the snow and it taking twice as long as it should've taken to get there an adventure, then there you have it. :)

  3. I'm sorry I missed Rock Lobster. They sound like my kind of band.

    Don't really have any recent travel tales to tell, but remind me sometime to tell you about my water skiing experience in Cancun. It is not for public knowledge here, although it will definitely pop up in my writing sometime, in some form.