Monday, February 14, 2011

Loving Us

So it's Valentines day...


I have always been amused that we need a specific day set aside to tell people (that should already know) that we love them. I am more of a let them know everyday kind of girl. I have always thought it was a holiday exploited by Hallmark, florists, and Sees Candies. However, I recently saw a commercial that I really liked presented by none other than the aforementioned Hallmark.

The commercial said Valentines day isn't about "I love you," it's about "I love us."

So to my writers group, I love us. I love that we all have a unique voice and style. I love that we all speak the same language (and I don't mean English). I love the way we can laugh together, share together, and spend time together, feeling like time is riding the Autobahn.

To all writers, and appreciators of writing, I love us. Because of us, new authors are born, new books are published, new art is made.

And most especially, to my husband, I love us. For more things than I could name, but at the moment, I love that you are transcribing this blog for me while I do my hair. What a team :)

Happy Valentines Day, ya'll!


  1. Love that Ryan transcribed for you.

    I love us (our writers' group) too. Its so great to hang out and write too.

  2. We are so awesome we deserve our own holiday.

    Deb, you have the same attitude as my hubby about Valentine's Day, but I say anything that gets people to focus on love instead of all the negative things in the world is a plus.

  3. I love any excuse to romance my wife. Valentine's Day is one of many such excuses.

  4. I confess that I, too, am not a lover of Valentine's Day. It's mainly because I feel more obligation than love. Obligated to find a babysitter or trade babysitting for the day. Obligated to have the house clean. Obligated to be ready on time without a headache. And obligated to have a nice time. It can all be way too planned for me to have any fun. So, I set my sights low go from there. This year, without any planning whatsoever, Scott and I had lunch (with Grace tagging along) at an Indian restaurant and he brought me roses. I call that a good Valentine's Day. :)

  5. I know I'm a day late but I love us too. Our writers group is a constant amazement to me as we grow together and laugh together and yes we do have our own language.

    BTW I totally won Valentine's this year. Got my hubby the perfect card and even he admitted defeat, so I love us (my hubby and I) cause he totally got that I won.